Quick Draw Communication Icebreaker Game

by Anne Rainey
(Sydney , Australia)

Group Size - either Small (5),

Group Abilities - All Abilities
Icebreaker Purpose - Communication Skills
Preparation - draw one simple shape, in one or more colours.
Materials - 1 set of drawing pens/pencils and paper per participant
Time - 10 minutes

This simple communication icebreaker game gives great insight into a group's communication ability.

The leader in the group gives directions on how to draw their simple shape, and the listener's attempt to follow the instructions precisely and draw the shape on their paper.

The simple shape could be a child's drawing of a house or of a daisy flower or something more abstract like a series of geometric shapes in different colours and sizes.

They can do this by breaking down the components of the image and giving clear instructions.

At the completion of activity all players compare their drawing to see how much it is like the leaders.

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