Pop Idol Lip-Sync Icebreaker Game

by Heather Parsons
(Dayton, OH USA)

Group Size - Small (5)

Group Abilities - All Abilities
Icebreaker Purpose - Creativity
Preparation - see icebreaker instructions
Materials - audio equipment
Time - 10 minutes

This is for a small group who will be working with each other for a large amount of time. The group must choose a song - I usually make sure it isn't explicit - and ask them to perform it in front of their peers.

They have a few days to choreograph, design costumes, and learn the music. They come to class ready to perform for the rest of the class.

The other groups decide who gave the best performance based on accuracy of lip-syncing, costumes, dancing and entertaining. Which ever group wins, gets a prize.

I use this icebreaker game with my group class, so I give them a freebie day of missing class or 5 extra credit points etc.

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