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The Importance of Personal Time Management: A Fishy Tale

By Lyndsay Swinton

The harried business man was so busy - his personal time management was failing - he had to take time out to clear his head. So he grabbed his lunch and went for a walk and found by a stream, a fisherman, hoping to catch some wild salmon. This reminded the businessman of his contented youth - memories of wrangling with feisty mackerel from the town pier, and the fateful day when a gull swooped down and caught a baited hook and had to be carefully released. Emboldened by the happy memories, the businessman struck up a conversation with the fisherman.

"Have you caught anything yet?"

"Yes, I've got one for the pot but I'm after another as I've got a friend to feed too."

"Sounds like you're a successful fisherman. What you need to do is get two lines in the water and you'll double your chances of catching that fish. Save you time!"

The fisherman smiled at the business man and thanked him for his advice.

The businessman was on a roll "There's a huge market for wild salmon - great prices too. Maybe if you sold a few, you could save enough for a boat, get out into the deeper water and catch more each day."

"There's that fish restaurant on the pier - you could supply them, and probably others too. Wow - you could really do well. You could employ lots of people to run your business, and you wouldn't have to do a thing!"

The fisherman smiled again and carried on fishing.

After his excited outpourings, the businessman started to relax and asked the fisherman "so what would you do if you had all that time and money?"

"Most days I'd be fishing" said the fisherman.

The businessman laughed and went home, having learnt about the importance of personal time management. Do what you want to be doing or be busy doing nothing, working the whole day through.

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