Pass the Ball to Keep It Flowing

by Sia

Group Size: Medium (5-20)

Group Abilities: All abilities
Icebreaker Purpose:Energiser, Getting to know you
Materials: ball or similar to throw
Time: 10 minutes


This quick and funny icebreaker exercise can be done in a group of eight to ten people, standing or sitting around a table. All you need is a tennis ball or similar soft item that can be tossed around.

The leader throws the ball to a participant, who must catch it and then tell the group something about himself/herself. This can be as simple as where they grew up or as complex as what they'd like to "take away" from the training and why.

When the first participant has answered, he throws the ball to another person, who must respond. And so on until the entire group has answered. If the responses being given are more complex, an additional factor of surprise can be added by the leader randomly calling, "Next!" - at which point, the person holding the ball must immediately stop talking and toss it on to the next person.

And since you never know where the ball will be thrown next, the group has to stay alert.

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