Paper Snow Balls Icebreaker Game

by Rajiv Wadhwa
(Mumbai India)

This icebreaker game is for a group small, medium or even large.

Let all participants write a truth about themselves on an A4 size paper, no names.

Scramble all the A4 size papers and mix them all up and distribute it to all the participants. Let them NOT unfold it but rather let them throw the papers on each other like snowballs.

After 5 mins of tossing around the paper snowballs in the entire room, pause the game and let each participant have 1 paper snowball in his or her hand.

Let each one read out what is written in the paper and let the others try and figure out by mere guessing who the other person is.

This is a great ice breaker as all the lazyness is transformed into activeness by mere throwing the paper snowballs and guessing who that could be.

For correct guessing give a chocolate as prizes.

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