Paper Fold

by Eimar

For small or large group, you can do this ice breaker. First you need to form your group in a circle then give each person a piece of paper and a pen.

Each person will write down his/her name at the bottom of the paper (this gonna be his/her paper). After that at the count of 3 each person of the group will move their papers clockwise by giving his/her paper to the person to the left.

Now each person who got the paper will write down or describe the person whom the paper came from, base on the name below the paper.

If the person who own the paper is new to the group you can write your first impression on him/her. Then after that each person should fold the paper to hide the message that their wrote (be sure that you fold the message part only, there must be space left for the next person to write). If everybody is finished, the paper will move clockwise again, and same procedure will done until the paper is reached to the person who own the paper.

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