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Become a Natural Presenter with this Simple Oral Presentation Checklist

By Lyndsay Swinton

This oral presentation checklist has been prepared to ease the process of preparing for and delivering a quality presentation. Even natural presenters use an oral presentation checklist to jog their memory and ensure they've got all bases covered. Presenting well is a learned skill and you can increase your presentation skills with these simple reminders.

Planning the Presentation
Who is my audience? Are there any special considerations, age, language, ability, subject matter knowledge etc?
What is the purpose of the presentation? Is my topic appropriate?
What is the venue? What facilities are available and/or appropriate for the venue?
What is my budget?
How much preparation and practice time do I have?
Is the style of presentation appropriate for the audience and my abilities?

Structure of the Presentation and Resources
What are the 3 things the audience should remember/understand from this presentation? Are they clear and memorable?
Is there a logical sequence to how the information is presented?
Have I given sufficient, clear examples to illustrate difficult or important points?
Do I have enough handouts? Are they still relevant? Are they accurate?
Will my visual aids enhance or detract from the presentation?
Do I know how to work the visual aids? Do I have a back-up?
Have role-plays, demonstrations, group-work and audience participation been carefully thought through and likely to succeed?

Can I deliver the presentation within time, including audience questions?
Am I speaking clearly and confidently? Will all my audience hear me?
Have I avoided using jargon, clichés or time-worn phrases?
Am I comfortable with my memory prompts?
Am I able to relax fully before the presentation and allow my true abilities to shine through?
Do I know my presentation short-comings and have I worked to overcome or compensate for them?
What questions or objections am I likely to get, and have I answered them up front? Do I know how to answer them?

How will I handle awkward questions, criticism or audience dis-interest?
How will I explain if my audience have mis-understood a key point?
Is a member of the audience going to provide me with objective feedback on my presentation? Do they have an oral presentation rubric?

Become a natural presenter with this oral presentation checklist, and improve your presentation skills today.

Oral Presentation Checklist pdf Download 'Oral Presentation Checklist' in pdf format

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