"Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave" Team Builder

by Rick
(Phoenix, Arizona)

This team building "twister" game is a great way to gain insight into group dynamics. It works best with six to ten people.

Have the group stand in a circle. Each participant puts one hand into the middle of the circle and and takes someone else's hand. Then everyone holds out their other hand to take the hand of a different person. (If the group has an odd number of players, one person will have to wait and put out both of their hands during the second round of hand linking.) Everyone should now have both of their hands linked across the circle to the hands of two different people.

The game's goal is to untangle the group without letting go of either hand you're holding, eventually leaving the group standing in a new circle, holding hands. This may require some mild gymnastics as participants climb under, over, or through the linked hands of others, so you might need to evaluate your group's ability for such activity.

It is, however, a great exercise in communication and group dynamics. Who are the natural leaders? Who are the followers? Who saw the solution? Who was able to direct the group to the solution? Who had creative suggestions?

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