Newcomer Bingo

by Liz Webb CPS/CAP
(St. Louis, MO USA)

Create a sheet like a bingo card but ask for signatures of people who fill certain requirements instead of an 'X' in the box.

Depending on the group, requirements can be who has been a member the longest/shortest; who is/was an officer; who is certified; who attended the last meeting/last state convention/last international convention, etc.

The requirements should be related to the group so the participants are learning about each other as well as the sponsoring organization. Those who fill in all the squares with signatures can all receive a token gift or draw one name for a nicer gift.

I didn't create this icebreaker but like to use it.

Purpose: getting people to mingle
Preparation: bingo cards/sheets with prepared catagories, sufficient copies for group size, prize or gift if appropriate
Duration: 10-15 minutes depending on group size and need to mingle
Suitable for: Groups of 10 or more, teens and older.

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Aug 13, 2008
This works!
by: Melanie

I have used this and I like how it makes the participants interact with each other, and learn a little about each other.

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