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Effective Business Leadership; 7 Motivational Activities You Can Do Today

By Lyndsay Swinton

Work isn't work when you love everything you do. These 7 motivational activities can bring the love back. Today. So what are you waiting for...

    1. Give Feedback
The UK Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development 2006 study revealed that 30% of employees rarely, or never, get feedback on their performance. No-one enjoys working in a vacuum, so start a new habit of giving feedback, both good and bad. Don't know how, or need to brush up your skills? Here's an article on giving negative feedback well, and 7 tips on giving positive feedback.
    2. Break the rules
Who said work has to be Monday to Friday? Beat the crowds and visit fun places mid-week, and catch up work on the weekend. Encourage your people to take full responsibility for meeting their deadlines, so they can benefit from this perk too.
    3. Be an early adopter
Keep ahead of the game by investing in new technology before you need it. Skype phone calls are essentially free or shared online meeting spaces such as "Go To Meeting" negate business travel. If you're feeling really smart, you could hold meetings within Second Life using your alter ego avatar to do business - IBM are already doing this.
    4. Let the train take the strain
Technology has its uses, but sometimes it's best to meet face to face with your people or customers. Instead of clogging up the highways, take the train and use the time to do whatever makes you happy.
    5. Be Artful
An ever changing collection of individual art will brighten up any workspace. You don't have to buy the art. You can hire it from galleries. You could organise an exhibition of local art student's work. You could encourage your staff to show their own creations. or even their children's. However you do it, it will become a talking point for your people and customer's alike.
    6. Breathe freely
Stuffy offices breed stuffy minds. Open a window and let some fresh air in so your people can breathe freely. Whether that's literally or metaphorically, a positive change in the working environment works wonders on staff motivation.
    7. Get curious
Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it can bring fresh thinking to your business. Whether you're a band of one of many, it always pays to see how others do it. Arrange a visit to a local company and bring back what they do best (without infringing copyright!)

These 7 motivational activities can bring back the love. Maybe some are tougher to implement than others, but it's your work-life, and it's worth it.

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