Motivation in College

by Angie
(Miami, FL)

I'm taking three college courses to become a teacher and depression is making me lose interest in doing my assignments. I feel depressed because of a culmination of things.

First, I have to work several at the schools and I've had problems to do them.

Second, a professor told my professor that I was not supposed to be taking the classes together. I thought my professor cared about me, but I have noticed that she has been changing her attitude towards me: she forgot that I told her on the first day of school that I was given permission to take the classes at the same time, she can not remember my name, she asks questions in class and tells me not to answer them and she thinks that my discomfort with that other professor is due to my attitude.

Third, that other teacher has kept friends of mine from graduating and she influences my professors. She critizes harshly and its getting to me. I don't want to be critized that way from anyone. I want my work to reflect my knowledge and skills, but I feel discouraged. I don't have a study group and much of the work has to be researched.

Comments From Lyndsay

Hi Angie,

That sounds like a tough situation for anyone to be in and I can understand why it's getting to you.

The fact you are taking three classes sounds like you are committed to working hard to become a great teacher, especially as you had to get special permission to do this.

If you would like to find out more about how to lift depression, I strongly recommend Clinical Depression Site which has both free and paid programmes for understanding and lifting depression.

For a quick read on depression, there is a depression article on the site which will help you assess whether you are "depressed" or just having a tough time at school.

From your description of the situation, it sounds like the professors are behaving in a less than professional way. Is there a student support service at your college that you could get advice from? Could you request a different professor? Although it might seem unlikely from where you are now, there may be some steps you can take to improve your situation and become the teacher you want to be.

As an aside, my best management training has been from the worst managers. Although it's grim at the time, it really focusses your mind on not doing or saying anything like they did. Maybe your professors are providing a similar opportunity!

Kind Regards

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