Month on month icebreaker presentation

by Anjana

Group Size - Medium (5-20)

Group Abilities - All Abilities
Icebreaker Purpose - Opening Up
Preparation - none
Materials - pens and paper for making notes
Time: 15 minutes

I have participated in an interesting icebreaker, where the group is divided into 2,3, or 4 teams and each team is assigned a set of months. eg. team 1 (Jan,Feb, Mar) team 2 (Apr, May,Jun) etc.

each team is given some time to discuss. They could jot down all the important events happenings of the months they represent.

Finally each team has to present their month with facts and creativity.

The trainer can award points to the presentation depending on the content & style.

The team earning the highest number of points are the winners of this icebreaker presentation game.

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