Minutes of meeting

by Joumana


I want to know what are the most important notes to take in a general meeting and how I should settle the minutes of meeting for this meeting.


Lyndsay says:

Hi Joumana,

Without knowing the context of the meeting, it's a tricky question to give a specific answer to.

First thing would be to find minutes from a previous meeting so you know what's expected regarding the layout and typical content of the minutes.

Often, the first action in a meeting is to formally approve the minutes from the last meeting. However, if the group of people were able to agree the minutes via email or another way previously then you can go straight into your meeting agenda.

If you have circulated a pre-meeting agenda, then you could circulate the minutes for approval then too.

Here are some other tips on taking minutes .

With all that said, I'd also speak to the meeting chairperson and/or facilitator, as their job is to make sure the meeting is productive, and having effective minutes is a key part of that process. If you are at all unclear during the meeting about what notes to take, for example if there is a discussion with no conclusion, it is perfectly okay to ask the group to dictate what should be "put on the record" as it were.

Kind Regards

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