Lines of Nonverbal Communication

by Michelle
(Shanghai, China)

Have the participants form groups of 4 to 5 people and stand in a straight line (as though queueing up for something). The goal of this communication exercise is for the person at the back of the line to pass a message to the person at the front through the people in the middle.

The message to be sent can be any letter from the alphabet (capital or lowercase), numbers, or symbols (star, square, triangle, etc.).

The message must be communicated without words, using only your hands. Except for the two people engaged in passing the message at a given moment, all others must face front - that is, the person in front cannot look back at the sender of the message.

Participants are free to be creative and be given the freedom to choose the most effective and efficient way to pass the message.

Once the message is received by the front person, s/he needs to write the message on a piece of paper and submit it to the facilitator.

Speed and accuracy are given points. As this excercise is related to communication, facilitators can use this to explain the importance of feedback, body language, transfer of specific message, and length of the message as key points to watch out for.

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