Liar Liar

by Roman Tatarinowicz
(Knoxville TN)

This game was so much fun. I've been training for about 5 years and had never come across it but a memeber of my team brought it to one of team building meetings.

Each person writes down 2 true facts about themselves and 1 false fact. Everyone goes around the room and reads their facts. As they are reading, the listeners write down which fact is false. When everyone has read, go back around the room and have each person read their false statement. The person who wrote down the most wrong facts is the winner.

We learned more about each other by playing this game then any other thing we have done. People let their guard done because the object of the game was to fool people so the facts weren't your everyday...I have two kids, I like chocolate etc. We even foound out that one of the people in our group used to be a cage dancer! Talk about getting to know your teammates!

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