It's All In A Name Icebreaker Game

by Kiran Sethi

Group Size - Medium (5-20)

Group Abilities - All Abilities
Icebreaker Purpose - Introductions
Preparation - none
Materials - none
Time - 10 minutes

This is an ice breaker I often use in my training sessions, when there is a large group that is meeting for the first time.

Each participant is instructed to think of an adjective that best describes them. However, the adjective should begin with the first letter of their name. Eg: Ravishing Ray.

The first participant introduces himself/herself thus - I am Ravishing Ray and I.....(explain why he is what he is in a few words). The next participant has to name the first one and then introduce himself. Eg: He is Ravishing Ray and I am Eager Esther. The third participant has to introduce the previous two and so on...till we reach the end of the group where the last person will have to introduce the entire group.

The game is very interesting and participative with everyone making efforts to remember the names and the adjectives!

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