It's a Minefield Out There!

by Nithya Raghunath
(Bangalore, India)

Group Size - Medium (5-20)

Group Abilities - Some Physical Activity
Icebreaker Purpose - Teamwork and Communication
Preparation - create a "mine-field"
Materials - blindfold
Time - 10 minutes

Form two teams say A and B. One member from each team is to be blindfolded. Make a minefield by placing objects on the ground, for example, pieces of paper, chairs, items of clothing or whatever is to hand.

The teams are then supposed to guide their team mate across the minefield without colliding into any of the objects. if the participant collides more than three times, he/she is considered out. No-one is allowed to touch the person moving across the minefield, they are only allowed to give them verbal instructions.

The participant is to identify his/her team members' voices and follow it. The participant to cross the mine first wins.

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