It wasn't me, it was my other me....

by Teodoro Medina
(Mexico City)

Group Size - Medium (5-20)

Group Abilities - All Abilities
Icebreaker Purpose - Opening Up
Preparation - none
Materials - blank stickers, pens
Time: 5 minutes

This icebreaker is to help people feel comfortable about making mistakes or admitting errors.

I use this ice breaker when the training attendees have to say information or facts about themselves, maybe something embarrassing about their own person, or about their own errors. So, they will choose a hero, a character or an idol and they are going to write the name on a sticker that they will wear throughout the training, for example, Spiderman, Ghandi, Madonna, Michael Jordan and so on.

This will allow the attendees if they make a mistake to pretend they didn't make it, it was their character. This is a fun way to let people be more relaxed with making mistakes and admitting errors and make people comfortable tp talk and participate during training.

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