Is it expected?

by Michelle
(Phoenix AZ)


I was laid off from my position last week. Today, along with my severance pay, I received an Exit Interview form.

Is it expected that I complete this Exit Interview since I was laid off?

Thank you kindly,


Comment From Lyndsay

Hi Michelle,

Sorry to hear you've been laid off. It's entirely your choice whether you fill in the Exit Interview form or not.

How do you feel about the company and how the redundancy was handled? Could they learn anything from the feedback you give?

Personally I would only fill in the form if you have the time and emotional energy, and feel that it will make a difference. With my cynical hat on, some companies only do exit interviews because it's "best practice" to do so. With my more optimistic hat on, it may be that the company simply had no choice due to the financial climate to make some redundancies, so whatever you write, the external pressure is so great, any changes they make will have little effect.

Good luck with your job search.

Kind Regards

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Do I need to do an exit interview?
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