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"I really like the way you present the issues. They are so informative and funny at the same time. This is my kinda humour. I'm sure you have as much fun writing it as much as I have reading it. All the best to you and keep up the good work!!"
Wali Kashvi, Australia

"Many of the articles on the 'Management for the rest of us' site are wonderfully useful and applicable even for those of us who are not employed as managers. I very much enjoyed looking at the site!"
Melanie, Actress, Freeville, New York, USA

Management Gurus - Quick and Easy Guide
In a cup of coffee's time you'll be an expert on management gurus through the ages!
Personal Development Planning Guide
Get Lyndsay Swinton's personal development planning guide to help you focus on what is truly important and get moving on your goals!
Choose meeting ice breakers wisely!
Well chosen meeting ice breakers bond teams and ease people through the discomfort of getting to know others better. However, a badly chosen ice breaker can cause more discomfort than it cures.
Icebreaker games for small groups
The right icebreaker games make all the difference to meetings, trainings, your party and many other activities.
Ice breaker games for large groups
5 fun ice breaker games for large group activities.
Giving And Receiving Feedback Audio
Get Lyndsay Swinton's giving and receiving feedback mp3 audio download to learn a simple yet powerful feedback methods!
Building Blocks Communication Skills Game
Effective communication in business is essential. Use this fun communication skills game to improve communication within your team.
How to Make Decisions: How to Do a Cost Benefit Analysis In 3 Easy Steps
Money makes the world go around, and decision making is no exception. Cost Benefit Analysis does exactly what it says; you analyse costs and benefits and make a decision accordingly. Learn how to do a cost benefit analysis in these 3 easy steps.
How to Make Decisions: Six Hats Thinking
The Six Hats Thinking technique enables you to break out of your habitual thinking style and make better quality decisions. Learn how to look at the effect of a decision from a number of important, different perspectives, and modifying your decision accordingly.
Management Gurus Guide - Decision Making Tool No Cost Download
Make difficult decisions easily by using the Decision Making Tool - No Cost Download
'Win our Icebreaker Games Ebook'
Send in your favourite icebreaker game or story and win the Icebreaker Ebook.
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