Ideas For Teacher Motivation

by David

What should I do to my teachers for them to teach well?

Comments From Lyndsay

Hi David,

Teacher motivation may be the poor relation to motivation opportunities in large corporations. Teachers can't go off on expenses team building jollies or get whisked away to exotic locations for meeting tough targets.

Nonetheless, teacher motivation, indeed employee motivation need not cost at all. The secret is being switched on to what people actually want and respect and meeting those needs.

Some suggestions include;

- keeping paperwork to a minimum
- public or private recognition of good work
- listening to and acting upon concerns in a timely manner
- schedule regular lunches for teachers and non teachers to extend their social network
- organize social activities outside of work.
- provide people with zero absence a bonus 2 hour holiday so they can get out of work early or come in late.

Further ideas for teacher motivation can be found here .

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