Glad to know you!



Participants get a chance to know each other's personal background at the beginning of the learning.

1. To let participants introduce themselves
2. To create conducive and interactive learning climate

Time required
25 minutes

Size of group

Material required
Flip chart paper, whiteboard markers

1.Trainer gives each participant a number when they enter.
2.Only numbers 1-4 are given.
3.After they have seated, inform them to stand and join others who are holding the same number and form a group. There should be a total of 4 groups.
4.Trainer gives each group a flip chart paper and 1 whiteboard marker.
5.Trainer to write the following on white board:
Please tell us:
@How do you want us to address you?
@Your company's name and your job title
@How long have you been working witn the company?
@Your favourate leisure activity
@One key learning goal from this workshop
6.Trainer to inform the group to use the paper and marker to reflect the above information. They can use any method to make the group known to the class. Choose a representative to present the group members' input after that. They are given 10 minutes to complete the task. The most impressive and creative presentation will receive token gifts from trainer.

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May 26, 2015
Good NEW
by: Anjikkjikka

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Apr 06, 2008
by: Anonymous

Quite innovative but I do not know how it will permeat into members of other groups. The way I see it is that this group would seem to be attached to each other since they have spent more time together knowing each other.

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