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Giving and Receiving Feedback - Learn How By Listening With This Coach In Your Ear mp3 Audio Download

This Coach In Your Ear mp3 audio download will give you a simple yet powerful method for giving and receiving feedback. Painlessly.

If you had spinach in your teeth, you'd rather someone told you, right? The same goes for the workplace. Wouldn't you rather know than continue to do something badly? Honest feedback is the best gift you can give someone.

Learn Top Feedback Techniques on your way to work with this mp3 audio download

Giving feedback can be daunting, and as for receiving feedback - it doesn't even register on the pleasant-things-to-do-at-work scale! There are ways to give and receive feedback which make it easier for all involved. And the better you get at giving and receiving feedback, the better feedback you'll get. It's a win-win.

Here's some detail on what the Giving and Receiving Feedback Coach In Your Ear mp3 audio download covers.

What you'll learn;

  • The 4 most common 360 degree feedback mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to give negative feedback well
  • 7 tips for giving positive feedback well
  • 7 tips for receiving feedback gracefully

Stop getting what you always got and start getting what you really want, by downloading my Coach In Your Ear mp3 audio download - it's only $7.95 - not bad for all those positive changes you will make! Plus...

Bonus 20 Reward And Recognition Ideas pdf

To sweeten the deal even further, I'll throw in the 20 Reward and Recognition Ideas pdf.

If you believe your salary is reward enough for coming to work, you're missing a basic human need for recognition for a job well done. Paid work is abundant, and people will tend to stick with companies that value their efforts. Help is at hand with these 20 reward and recognition ideas, including free and easy to big and bold budget busters.

Using a proper reward and recognition process ensures you reward fairly, winning both hearts and minds.

The Giving and Receiving Feedback Coach In Your Ear mp3 audio download PLUS the free Reward and Recognition Ideas pdf can be yours within a minute! Simply click the button below to pay by credit card. And thanks in advance for your custom!

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