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Giving Feedback

"I've used your handout '7 tips for receiving feedback gracefully' within several training sessions and the response has been excellent. People appreciate that you acknowledge the difficulties and identify the holes we can all fall into, e.g. ruminating over feedback or re-enacting the discussion with friends. We have had some great discussions which have led to some people gaining real insight into their reactions and responses to feedback. Great stuff."
Beth Cumming. Freelance Trainer, Edinburgh, UK

Quick Guide to 360 Degree Feedback Software
Did you know that 360 degree feedback software could simplify your management life? Yes, performance reviews and feedback provide valuable information for not only the organization's leaders and for the individual employees, but are they really worth the effort?

9 Tips to Draw Out Honest Team Feedback
Without honest team feedback, a team effort may fail to reach its goal or fully meet its potential. So what can a team leader do to encourage candid feedback? Here are 9 tips to elicit honest team feedback and create a positive, effective team culture.

Giving negative feedback well
Giving negative feedback sucks. Period. But there are ways of delivering it that make it less painful for all parties involved.

Job Performance Feedback: 7 Tips For Receiving Feedback Gracefully
Giving or receiving feedback can be hard, but of the two, receiving feedback can be harder. Unless you know how. Here are 7 tips for receiving feedback gracefully, allowing you to learn from it and quickly move on.

4 Common 360 Degree Feedback Mistakes
Even people with rhino hide for skin get nervous opening their 360 degree feedback report. Avoid these mistakes and make it easier on yourself!

7 tips for giving positive feedback
Saying thanks, well done, or great job can be throwaway insincerities that can do more damage than good, so make sure you follow these steps for giving positive feedback.

MFTROU recommends - free online 360 degree feedback assessment resource
360 degree feedback assessments are a formalised method for people to get a ton of feedback, and a necessary evil of business life. And budget conscious companies needn't miss out, as they can be lead through the process by experts, at no financial cost, with a cool company I stumbled upon recently.

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