Getting angry quickly

by lama
(Syria, Damascus)

How can I calm down when I get angry?

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Jun 23, 2009
Anger management for the rest of us
by: Lyndsay Swinton

Hi lama,

Getting angry quickly is not useful in the workplace. It can lead to broken relationships with customers, colleagues, bosses and your team. However, with a little effort, it is possible to stay calm in situations which may previously have been flash points.

One approach is to keep a diary for a short time, say 2 or 3 weeks, and notice if there is any pattern to when you feel angry. Is it the same situation? The same people? The same time of day or week? Was there a time when you didn't feel angry when you have been angry before - what was different this time? This might give you some clues about what triggers your angry feelings and how you can go about making changes so that you feel more calm in that situation, recognising angry feelings and defusing them before they get out of control.

There may be other factors in your life which are making you over-react. Are you well slept? Do you eat well and exercise regularly? Do you have a healthy social life, and share your hopes and dreams with someone special. You may need to check if your basic needs are being met - find out more in this article

If you're feeling angry, the quickest way to calm down is to concentrate on your breathing, making the outbreath longer than the inbreath. You can do this by breathing in to a count of 7 and then breathing out for a count of 11. This tells your body it is safe to relax and stop being ready to "fight or flight".

Anger management is possible and there are many products and resources to avoid being angry and to help you calm down quickly.

Warm Regards

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