Fun "Catch the Peanut" Debriefing Game

by Pat

Group Size: Medium to large (5-20+)

Group Abilities: Some physical ability
Icebreaker purpose: Communication
Materials: a lot of peanuts, or similar non-nut objects in case of nut allergies.
Time: 15 to 45 minutes


I have played this game and found it very useful for communication, leadership, innovation, and so on, as good debrief/talking points at the end of the session. It could last anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the size of the group.

You need space for several circles of varying size and enough peanuts for everyone to have at least two.

Start with small groups of five or six (for example, if you have 20 people, you may want to have four groups of five; if 50, then several groups of six, and so on).

Each group forms a circle, standing close together - shoulder-to-shoulder. Only the right hand can be used. Their left hand should be either kept at their side or "locked" behind their back.

Everyone will hold a peanut on their right palm. When the game starts, everyone will throw their peanut up and to the right, then catch the peanut from the person on their left.

If everyone catches their incoming peanut without dropping any, then the group has succeeded and will join with another group to form a bigger group and so on. Those who drop their peanuts will form a new group and start over, with the goal of rejoining the larger groups.

It gets harder with a big group. Fifty or more in a group is challenging, but can be done.

Talking points would be leadership, encouragement, communication, synchronization, finding new solutions, and so on...

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