Find Your Singing Partner - a Musical Icebreaker

by Pramod Bahulekar
(Wardha, Maharashtra, India)

Preparation: appropriate number of song lyric sheets to hand out.

Divide the participants into two groups having equal number of participants

A)Write few opening words of a famous song on a chit.(A chit)Make sufficient chits depending on number of parcipants
e. g. : Twinkle Twinkle little star

B)Write correspondig words of the same song on a chit.(B chit) Make sufficient chits depending on number of people.
e.g How I wonder what you are?

Hand over the B chits one each to all participants of one group.

Ask a participant from another group to pick up a chit from A chit, read and sing the openings words

The person from first group who has corresponding words will join singing. Those two participants will be partners. And so on....

That will create fun.

After identifying partner, ask all the participants to go outside the class, give 5-10 minutes to get introduced to their respective partner. Then reassemble them.

Then the participants don't have to introduce themselves but their partners to the group

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