"Find the Person Who..." Icebreaker Game

by Shuvra Das
(Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Prepare handouts with the following statements placed in a grid (or create your own statements following these examples).

- Has the same birth month as you
- Has worked at their institution for 2 or more years
- Has the same name as you
- Comes from the same place (state/town) as you
- Has the same favorite color as yours
- Has the same number of children as you
- Is not married
- Has been married as long as you
- Has the same hobby as you do
- Has the same favorite writer as yours
- Has vacationed somewhere you have
- Is the same height as you

Have the participants mingle and find someone in the group who matches each statement, then write that person's name in the corresponding box on their sheet. A participant's name may appear only once on another participant's sheet, though reciprocity is okay (Joe and John can put down each other's names for "Is the same height").

As a variation, turn this into a bingo game and reward the first person to fill in a row, column, or diagonal of their sheet.

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May 26, 2015
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by: Alex Clinton

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