"Find Someone Who..." Introductions Game

by Dawn
(Stockton, California )

This is a simple "getting to know you" game that can be played bingo-style, or (if you're short on prep time) as a verbal grouping game, where each category announced divides the group on different sides of the room.

To play it as bingo, make up handouts of grids with boxes reading things like "Has the same birthday", "Was born in the same town", "Likes my favorite food", "Shares my eye color", etc.

Hand these grids out to the group and have them go around the room on their own, finding people who match the different categories. When they find someone who, say, has the same eye color, that person initials that square of the bingo sheet (this can be mutual, each person signing the other's sheet). To maximize mingling, each participant can sign another person's sheet only once.

The game ends at a predetermined point dependent on group size and available time, such as someone filling their sheet with signatures or filling one row.

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