Extremely Together Icebreaker Game

by Debraj

Group Size - Small 5 to 10 people

Group Abilities - Some physical activity
Icebreaker Purpose - energy Boost
Preparation - none
Materials - 1 blown up balloon per participant, 1 large or heavy object e.g. big dictionary
Time - 5 to 10 minutes

5 to 10 people will stand beside each other shoulder to shoulder, the way football players (whole team) stand in the ground before the match starts (they can even sing their anthem).

Now one needs to put a balloon between two peoples' shoulders. Both the guys needs to push the balloon with their shoulder and they cannot touch the balloon with their hands.

The balloon will stay between two guys' shoulders but if they push hard balloon will burst or if they move apart it will fall down.

Now all the 5 to 10 people should have one balloon between them.

Now they need to move quickly from one part of the room to another. At the same time they need to pass a large or heavy object from one person to another. This passing would continue from the first to the last person in the line, and as they pass the object, they should move towards the other part of the room.

Now if they co-ordinate properly then they will reach their destination without a single balloon dropped or burst. This movement has to be time bound or could be compared with another team to decide the winner.

In most cases the balloon will fall down as everybody will try to move quickly forgetting their duty to hold the balloon with their shoulder. An excellent energy boosting icebreaker game.

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May 25, 2015
Votes for photo contest NEW
by: Anonymous

We used this in a staff meeting, it was great!
Votes for photo contest

Mar 22, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Apr 24, 2009
Effective & feasible
by: Anonymous

Trust me, this icebreaker will turn out to be effective. Moreover, it can be carried out without any logistics except balloons. Thanks Debraj. Am going to use it.

Paramananda Chabungbam

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