Email Etiquette

by Ian Graam-Parker

What etiquette should be observed when sending mails to suppliers, vendors, subordinates and superiors?

Comments from Lyndsay:

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the email etiquette question. It's hugely important that we take the time and effort to communicate clearly in emails, as there is a huge opportunity for mis-understanding.

You can multiply that many times when people are communicating in a second language. Humour or slang does not always translate as you intended it to - for example USA pants = UK underwear. Not something that you want to confuse!

I have written a article on email etiquette.

Another thing to consider is that emails waste a lot of time. Can you think of a better way to talk to the people you need to, and build relationships away from the inbox? Good working relationships and effective communication needs to be multi-layered. Use Skype, face to face meetings, messenger chat, text, you name it, you can probably use it to better use than just relying on email. Heck you could even, gulp, write a letter. On paper. And send it!

Warm Regards

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