Easy Icebreaker - I Love Myself Because...

by Lysa
(Syracuse, New York)

Need an icebreaker to get people talking? Ask them to talk about themself!

One of the things we love is ourselves and yet we often don't tell anyone. I started this with a group of college students. It was actually more difficult for them than I thought because when put on the spot, they got shy!

However, it was a wonderful discussion tool because they learned about each other and then later asked someone a question about what they said.

What was really great is when others would say," why didn't you say you love your self because...". Sure some of the comments made people laugh, but that's great. The purpose of this dialogue is to get people talking - about their greatness...and how it becomes the greatness of the group.

I later tried this at a business meeting. It went very similarly but everyone had a great time.

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