Do you want to come to my party?

by Diane Murray
(Albury, NSW, Australia)

Materials needed: Whiteboard and markers

Participants are asked if they would like to "Come to my party". The only catch is they have to bring something - participants can either call out randomly, or you can go around the table in turn, so that everyone can make a suggestion.

People who suggest they bring something that has double letters can come, but those who bring things without double letters can't -
eg. "balloons" gets an invite, but "streamer" doesn't.

The allowed suggestions are written up on the whiteboard.

The game continues until participants cotton on to the 'party requirements'. Lots of fun as usually people think the more desirable their contribution (wine, food, music), the better their chances at being invited.

Guaranteed to have even the quietest person participating!

To keep the party-poopers from getting frustrated at this game, maybe give a few suggestions of allowed items to keep the game flowing.

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