Do you like your neighbors?

by Karina Garcia
(Guayaquil, Ecuador)

This is a very fun and exciting game that I don't even remember who taught me but it works perfectly all the time. I like this game because it's not only a game to have some fun, but it's also a game that allows you to practice the vocabulary or grammar structures you're teaching.


- Students make a circle with their chairs (or just sitting on the floor).
- The two students next to you, one on your left and the other one on your right, become "your neighbors".
- There is one student standing in the center of the circle.
- The student who is in the center asks to one of the students in the circle: "do you like your neighbors?"
- If the answer is negative, his/her neighbors must switch their places (the one who said the answer doesn't move) while the student in the center tries to take one of the neighbors' chairs.
- If the answer is affirmative, the student who is giving the answer must include a characteristic or an action (yes, I do. But I don't like people who have black hair). At that moment, students with black hair must switch places.

It's a really interesting, fun and also pedagogical game.
(pedagogical - of, relating to, or befitting a teacher or education)

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