Diary Writing: My Favourite Stress Management Technique

by Sean

Diary writing is very effective stress management technique. Just 15 minutes a day, and the best time to do it is just before you go to bed at night. Its like mini therapy session + its free!

All those feelings during the day can be discussed and leave you feeling better. It could be something just as simple as someone that made you angry during the day. Writing about it on paper will leave you feeling a lot better + more relaxed as all those feeling will be on paper.

Deep breathing + Meditation is very good as well.

Comments from Lyndsay:

Hi Sean,

Thanks for your diary writing stress management technique. I guess that writing helps you get some perspective on the day's events and emotions and allows you to diffuse any tension that may have built up. It might also be possible to get a better understanding of how you could handle things differently in future.

It would also stop ruminating about a problem, as you've allocated your 15 minutes of "worry" time and then the line is drawn under the day, you turn off the light and slip quietly off to sleep.

And I agree that meditation, or any inward focussed down time, is useful too. You will find many useful mp3 downloads here which can help with stress management, or even falling asleep!

Kind Regards

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