Decision Making Article

by Agha

I want a decision making article.

Comments by Lyndsay:

Hi Agha,

Thanks for your request for a decision making article. Luckily for you there is a whole section full of decision making articles, and even a free decision making tool built in Excel which you can download today.

Decision making is something that can be intimidating when there are hard choices to make or if there is insufficient information. The best you can do is make a thoughtful, transparent decision with the information that you have at the time. This might not turn out to be the best decision in the long term, but hey at least you've made a decision.

That said, the Western mind-set is generally go-getting and a bit gung-ho, so there can be clashes when deference and respect for authority are the norm. A Kiwi friend (not literally a Kiwi, a person from New Zealand), was working in an international company in India and had to rapidly adjust to a more cautious approach to decision making than she was used to. The quality of the results were generally very high, but at the cost of being much slower. Even after 18 months she was undecided which approach was better.

I trust you find something useful on the site.

Kind Regards

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