"Cross the River" Team Building Exercise

by Swati
(Maharashtra, India)

Group Size: Medium (5-20)

Group Abilities: Some physical activity
Activity Purpose: Learning to work together
Materials: Masking tape, and 5 sheets of paper for each group.
Time: 10 minutes

Using masking tape, mark out the two banks of an imaginary river, at least 3 meters wide. Split your group into teams of at least 4 people per team.

Then explain to the teams that there is a raging river of chocolate before them that they will need to cross using only teamwork and the five marshmallows (pieces of paper) they have been given. (Of course, the papers could also be rocks or leaves used to cross a more conventional watery river.)

However, if any marshmallow (or rock/leaf) is left in the river without a foot on it, it will be washed downstream. Likewise, stranding a team mate for any reason will disqualify the entire team (or force them to start over, whichever you prefer).

The first team across wins!

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