Creative and critical thinking - how to manage your boss

by Siti

How can I use creative and critical thinking to manage my troublesome boss? I am a secretary to a marketing executive who spends much of her time away from the office. There are times when I have no idea where she is and what she is doing as she changes her plans without telling me. She also makes appointments without noting them in her diary or informing me about them. This causes confusion and embarrassment for me when appointments have to be re-arranged because of double-bookings.

What action could I take to improve the situation?

Comments from Lyndsay:

Hi Siti,

Thanks for your question and here's how I'd go about resolving the situation with your boss.

First off, I'd review the process for managing the diary. If it's all off-line then it's no wonder there are mistakes made, even with the most co-operative partnership with your boss.

I use Outlook to manage my emails, task list and diary. And all of these synchronizes with both my mobile phone and iTouch. So, even if I am away from the mothership, I can update on the go. In short, is there a technical solution to the problem?

If you can streamline the process and get things on-line that's a huge step forward, but even if that's not an option you will still have to give your boss feedback. This may be daunting, but how long are you prepared to keep going the way you are? You can learn how to give effective feedback here

Good luck


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