Communication Ice Breaker - Spread The Word

by Atul Gajbhiye
(Pune, Maharashtra, India)

Spread the Word is an easy communication ice breaker, which is quick to play and needs no set up.

One person should start with a word by passing it to other (non-audible to rest all) and this chain should go on till the last person in game.

The last person speaks out the word in front of all and confirms it. If wrong word came from last person, backtracing will happen and leakage will be found out by asking to all the members. The one from whom the leakage has been confirmed will be given options to dare or truth.

Dare will be a task given to one who has to do and truth will be any truth asked by anyone of the rest.

This communication ice breaker demonstrates how easily people misunderstand each other, especially when there is no opportunity to check understanding.

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