Clap at 3 Icebreaker Energiser

by Mona

This is a good icebreaker to energize a large group.

1)Have people stand in a circle.

2)Instruct them to start counting in a round robin manner. However, for the number 3 and its multiples, the participant should clap and not say the number out loud. So it would go, person 1 says "1", person 2 says "2", person 3 claps, person 4 says "4" and so on with person 6, 9, 12.... clapping.

3)If someone fails to follow this, he/she is "out" and the person next to them starts over from number 1.

4)Increase the tempo as the group gets smaller.

A tried and tested way to break ice, energize and generate laughter in your group.

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