Change 3 Things - Observation and Recall

by Brenda

I know many seasoned trainers have done the "Change 3 Things" about yourself activity. If you haven't, a quick synopsis: pair up students give them 30 seconds to look each other over, then have them turn their backs on each other and change 3 things about their appearance, then turn back and see if they can find what the other person changed.

Repeat -- but a word of caution -- two changes is about the maximum people can change without removing key clothing!

My story starts with this activity. I was about 7 months pregnant and teaching a workshop on managing change. I did the first round of the activity, then asked the partners to turn back around and change 3 more things.

After hearing the usual grumbles ("I don't have anything else to change!"), the group was ready and turned to face their partners. One pair, standing right in front of me, seemed a little uncomfortable. I watched as the woman of the pair did her best to avert her eyes from her partner's trousers. He had pulled his shirt through his zipper and she didn't know if he had done it on purpose or if he forgot to zip.

I started laughing and couldn't stop. Soon the entire group was gathered around laughing, afraid I would go into labor, and the pants were re-zipped. We took a break while I tried to think of how I was going to get the "lessons learned" out of this one!

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