Can I have a layout for minutes of a meeting?

by Vera Harts
(Abu Dhabi , united arab emirates)

I'm working in a new established media company as a personal assistant and I'm the one who will take the minutes of meeting and as the company is new so I don't have a previous form so I would appreciate if you can help me out for this.

Thank you and regards.

Lyndsay's Comments:

Hi Vera,

Thanks for the question. It's not easy to pin point the "perfect" meeting minutes template as it really does depend on what the meeting was about, who will be reading it, and so on.

I think the best approach is to google "minute meeting template" and take a look at the hundreds of examples out there and choose a style that suits your needs. You may even find that your word processing package has a few templates to choose from. And Google docs has a selection of meeting minute templates too.

As your company is new, I would suggest you encourage
good meeting habits

There are a few more articles that might help your meetings go smoothly and be productive;

4 tips for taking meeting minutes

7 Tips for effective communication in a business meeting

Example of meeting ground-rules

Good luck with the media company,


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