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How business book summaries saved my veggie patch

Do you have problems keeping up with the latest business books? I know I do. I’m halfway through last year and people are talking about what came out last month!

So when a colleague of mine recommended this business book summary service (affiliate link) a couple of months back, I was intrigued – every business book that matters summarised into 5 pages – meaning it takes less than 2% of the time to read the whole book.

That means I get to spend tons more time looking after my beans and potatoes and less time with my nose buried in a book. Which is particularly welcome in summer – if you saw how short our summers are in Scotland, you’d know what I mean!

Business book pdfs, mp3s, Palm, Blackberry or MSReader format – I’m an audio junkie

I like my summaries as mp3 files so I can listen to them whilst out in the garden or driving, but occasionally I print off the pdfs to read over breakfast. I find I tend to learn better by listening, but that’s a personal thing, so you can choose how to get each summary.

The other (obvious I guess) thing I’ve found is that because I’m not distracted by the ‘filler’ content, I tend to retain the info much better. On a couple of books, I have been so intrigued I’ve ended up buying the book itself, but most times the summary is enough.

Your choice of subscription plans

The site does a range of plans, depending on how much you read. Initially, I was a bit shocked at the Gold Plan’s price of $299 for the year (which gives you unlimited access). When I thought about it though, that’s about 20 books (or less if you go for the early release hardback) and I would normally buy at least double that every year.

So I went for the Gold Plan, but if you read less, or just want to give it a try they have a written-summaries only plan for $89. This limits you to 30 summaries, but is perhaps the way to go if you just want to try it out.

Anyway, you can tell I’m a fan. If you want to check it out, you can see an example summary here – link to appropriate page

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