Box of Junk

by Richard Hull
(Sarah, MS )

This is a great team meeting ice breaker or any leadership course opener. Take a small box (12inx12in) and fill it with various objects. Objects meaning anything that you can grab from an office environment to regular household stuff. Small objects work best like: a stapler, tape dispenser, marker (with lid on it of course), etc...

You tell the group you will walk around and hold the box of junk up in the air where they cannot peak and ask them to grab ONE item. Then they will each have a couple of minutes to think about how that particular object relates to their leadership or management style.

Incorporate their regular introduction with it like: name, profession, and how long they've been in their current role.

It's quite fun and makes participants really "Think" about how to relate an object to theirself. As the old saying goes "One person's junk is another person's treasure"!

Richard Hull

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