Bonnie Bounce Musical Icebreaker Game

by Ralph Palmigiano
(Upper Marlboro, Maryland, USA)

To wake up a group I have them sing or play a tape of the song "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean" and ask them to sit or stand every time they here a word starting with a B.

Before long they are laughing and smiling.

Comments from Lyndsay:

Hi Ralph,

This sounds like a lot of fun and a great icebreaker game for young or old. And you could choose any song to play or sing and simply follow your principle of doing an action whenever you hear a word starting with a chosen letter.

The beauty of this icebreaker game is that if you decide to sing, then there is absolutely zero preparation or materials required which makes it a cheap and cheerful option. But perhaps not necessarily so kind to the ears?

Great game,
PS if you send me your email address using the contact form, I'll send you your free copy of the Icebreaker game ebook, normally $9.95

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