Body Hide

by Jayanthi Hanu
(Salem,Tamil Nadu State, India)

Group Size - Small to Medium (5-20)

Group Abilities - Some Physical Activity
Icebreaker Purpose - Team work
Preparation - none
Materials - none
Time - 10 minutes

This game is an excellent exercise to get to know each other, and to learn to trust and touch each other. Choose 5 volunteers from the group. 4 of these must try and hide the fifth person, using nothing but their bodies.

The other Participants stand around the group and try and see pieces of the fifth’s clothes, shoes, skin and so on.

It’s great fun for the other Participants to watch and try and find uncovered pieces of person.

Don’t tell them they go next, with one person less.


Try this game with less and less ’hiders’. If the task becomes impossible, tell them they
can use parts of walls. Using a corner is easiest, of course, but let them figure that out

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