Blindfolded Trust and Communication Game

by Diane Ortiz
(Los Alamos, New Mexico)

This is a fantastic exercise in trust, communication, and team building. You will need furniture and other materials to build a simple obstacle course, as well as scarves, strips of cloth, ties, or anything else that can be used as blindfolds.

First, set up the group room as an obstacle course, using chairs, pillows, books, or whatever you have available. Divide the group into pairs and blindfold one person in each pair.

The person who is not blindfolded will spin the blindfolded person and lead their partner through the obstacle course using only their voice (or, as a variation, they could link arms or gently hold their "blind" partner by the elbow). The blindfolded person has to listen to and TRUST their partner to guide them safely to the other side of the room by instructing them how to step around chairs, over books on the floor, or whatever is in the way. Likewise, the "sighted" partner needs to communicate the hazards and instructions clearly.

I work for a drug and alcohol rehab center and have played this game in my groups. My clients love this game.

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