"Blind Painting" Communication Game

by Vineet

Group Size: Small (up to 5)

Group Abilities: All abilities
Icebreaker Purpose: Communication
1) Drawing surface: whiteboard, easel with paper, chalkboard.
2) Writing utensil appropriate to the surface: dry erase marker, pen, chalk, and so on.
3) Image (sketch, photo) to copy.
Time: 20 minutes


You need one volunteer to face a drawing surface with their back to the crowd.

Show the rest of the group a sketch, without the drawing volunteer seeing it.

The group then works together using clear communication to describe the image (without saying what the subject is) to the drawing volunteer. For instance, if the image being described is a bicycle, the group cannot use the word "bicycle", but must instead describe the "circles at the bottom, joined by lines going up..."

Still with their back to the group and by listening closely to the description, the volunteer then draws the image on the board. The volunteer isn't allowed to talk, ask questions, or look around at the group.

This is an interesting way to see how well an idea can be communicated amongst the group.

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