Balloon race

by Rifaad
(Cape Town)

Group Size - Medium (5-20)

Group Abilities - All Abilities
Icebreaker Purpose - Energiser
Preparation - none
Materials - chairs, balloons
Time: 10 minutes

Divide the group in two teams. Place two chairs in the front of the room and let the two teams line up a few metres away. You tell them when to start. Each member need to inflate their balloon and run/walk to the chair and burst the balloon without using their hands. For example , put the balloon on the chair and sit on it until it burst or squeeze it under your arm.

Once this has been achieved the learner goes back and tags his next team mate. Balloons must only be inflated once you have been tagged. The group who finishes first can be given some sort of reward for example chocolate coins, and so on.

The idea is for the teams to encourage one another to do their best and ultimately to finish first.

Variation - if you want, you could award the "winner" as the team that is the most encouraging to each other, and not the one who finishes first. This can introduce the idea that there is more to winning than coming first.

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