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April 20, 2006

April - Management for the Rest of Us

Time management is a hot topic in my life, as I've started working again after a good few months off caring for my baby. (But as any new mum knows, it's anything but an endless holiday....!) But I digress. In order for me to start work, I had to delegate child care responsibilities. Could my harangued husband do it? Yes, but he's got work to do too. Could my mother-in-law do it? Yes, but she's 4 hours away. So there was no choice but to call in the professionals. And after 5 months of being on a nursery waiting list, my luck changed and a place came up. Now I have 2 days to cram in all the work I can. But instead of sitting in front of Dreamweaver and taking 10 hours to do what should take 10 minutes, I realized I'd better take some of my own medicine and figure out how best to spend this precious time.

So I've delegated all the hard techie stuff to a great guy in Australia (thanks Heath!), and brutally prioritized what work is a) enjoyable b) achievable and c) makes me some cash. Oh it hurt to change my errant, time frivolous ways, but it's kind of nice too. Now I have the satisfaction that I'm getting done what needs to be done, and a much sparkier mum when I'm with my baby.

As with all articles on Management For The Rest Of Us, you don't have to be a manager to get value from them. But value them you must, (and from all the kind emails I get I know you do), as this is what lets me know I'm spending my time wisely!

Warm Regards
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Lyndsay Swinton

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